Unpopular Demand: Arrow (CWTV).

Welcome to our new column, Unpopular Demand, where our staff writers defend the shows, films, and comics we love to hate.  First up, Triality defends CW’s series, Arrow, as it embarks on its fourth season

Stack’s criticism of the arrow is pretty much on point: the writing is pure 4-color formula, and it is – at its heart – more “A-Team” than “Game of Thrones.” The recipe is simple: The Team saves the princess. In this case, the princess is “Star City.”

Their adventures are part soap-opera, part Flash Gordon. An urban fantasy filtered through a lens of pulp action, and saturated by barely concealed sexual tension and cartoon violence.

To dismiss Arrow as a mere Batman clone misses most of the point. Batman is essentially the story of one man against his own demons. The Green Arrow depicted here is an ensemble piece based around the notion that Oliver Queen is never alone. His actions inspire others – first to be vigilantes, and now – heroes. Their bond is never far from the heart of the tale.

There is no question that Arrow is a little too earnest, or even “preachy” at times. Worse – the show is almost never funny, except in its tendency to show a little too much skin. Arrow takes itself a little too seriously, and the dialog is often too “on the nose.”

It hardly matters, however, because Arrow gets one thing right: it’s big, dumb, fun, and sexy: popcorn TV to defeat the middle of the work week blah’s.

…and that’s why I save a spot for it on my DVR.

Are you a fan? What were your impressions of Season 4 so far: Who did Oliver bury 6 months in the future? Why does Barry want him dead?

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