Irrational Excitement: The Final Star Wars Trailer Drops

Okay.  We all lost our minds yesterday as Disney and Lucas Films Ltd. released the final trailer for the upcoming release of episode VII.  Now, I not going to hazard, as some have, a frame by frame breakdown as a path to prediction, but yeah, it looks fucking great.  However, we here at TT3 are nerds.  BIG nerds.  We’d be amiss if we had nothing to say about the latest teaser as the December 17th premiere approaches.  Here are a few of the trailer details that made us squeal and cheer as the images rolled.

  1. The silence:  The early moments of the trailer are powerfully quiet.   But for the lone tapping of piano keys, background audio is kept at a minimum.  It’s all about the dialogue.  You have to hold your breath to hear everything.  The first voiceover, speaker unknown, is barely above a whisper.  The slow build of the trailer is muted, but it does not lack intensity.  It feels like the calm before the storm.  It allows us to focus, be drawn in.   the-force-awakens

      2. The character introductions:  The new trailer gives us our first personal look at the new comers.  Through their words, we learn that each character is lost in their own way; each seeking redemption, purpose.  As it opens, Rey (Daisy Ridley) tells us that she is “nobody.”  What a very Luke Skywalker thing to say, don’t you think?  Finn (John Boyega) looks lost and desperate, “with nothing to fight for.”  Even our new villain Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) has a chance to plead his case, making a promise to rectify the failures of the past.  This was the trailer the fans needed.  What was so glaringly absent from the prequels was a reason to care.    Watching a simple 2:30 minute teaser, I already care more for these new stories than ever did for young Anakin, circa EP 1.

3. The music:  We get our first taste of John Williams’ reframing of the themes of the previous scores, and oh my, how glorious it is.  The trailer boasts an absolutely gorgeous rendition of the Princess Leia theme.  The composition has always been the most emotionally complex of the Star Wars melodies, filled with longing, hope, and an underlying melancholy.  The new recordings featured here do not disappoint, and I can’t wait to hear the full reimagined score behind the film.


4. The emotion:  Going back to a galaxy far, far away will not be an easy trip if this promotional clip is any indication of the final product.  Tragedy is all over this trailer.  There is loss here.  It’s in the violence of Ren’s swinging red lightsaber.  It’s in the face of Princess Leia as she is hugged to the chest of Han Solo.  It is in the tears of Rey as she watches events unfold, events still hidden from the rest of us.  More than anything else, it is the emotional pull that made me love this final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Let us know what your impressions were.


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