The Dust Off – The Dark Tower Game from 1981

I’d like you all to do something for me.  Go to your game closet. If you’re a nerd like the rest of us, you have one. You know you do.  It might be a game chest, game cabinet, game shelf, or even a dirty corner of your garage…but you have one.  Go to it, and open it up.  Now, reach in there and find the loneliest, dustiest, most neglected box you can find—the one you haven’t cracked open since 1996 or the one still preserved in plastic-wrap. Turn it over in your hands and remember the fun you had playing it so many years ago.  Well, open that baby up and start the fun all over again!

Welcome to The Dust Off—a new TT3 segment that looks at the games and toys we used to love, and loved so much that we couldn’t bring ourselves to dump them in the trash bin. Every few weeks, we will open one of those beloved, old, dust covered boxes and see if the magic is still there.

This week, Stacks is revisiting his 1980s childhood with The Dark Tower. This electronic board game capitalized on the popularity of Dungeons and Dragons and boasted one of the first “computerized” RPGs ever brought to market. Milton Bradley released the game in 1981, and it was an instant hit.  However, a lawsuit by a couple of individual game developers brought the adventure to an end by 1987.  The Dark Tower is now a rare and highly sought after classic.

Watch Cloud and Stacks demonstrate The Dark Tower in our video edition of The Dust Off.  Let us know if there are any games/toys you’ve never been able to let go of!

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