Scooby Nostalgia – Those Meddling Kids are Back for a Book and a Game

There was a magical time a few short decades ago when Saturday morning television reigned supreme.  Long before Cartoon Network and Netflix–with all their fancy convenience–came along and ruined that special time between 7am and Soul Train, where I’d sit, my eyes glued to the 12-inch screen, for Saturday morning cartoons.  And, while Super Friends and […]

Finally. Meet the New “Female” Doctor Who.

As Peter Capaldi wraps up his tenure as our favorite time traveling, sometimes campy, often brilliant, Doctor Who, BBC has revealed his replacement.  And.  Wait for it.  It is  Jodie Whittaker–a choice that bucks the tradition of selecting exclusively male actors to play the role–a tradition that has held for more than fifty years.  Not […]

Visit Mos Eisley Spaceport in Hollywood – Scum and Villainy Pops Up in Los Angeles

  The “pop-up” venue has been around long enough to have worn out its novelty, but a few creative entrepreneurs still have found ways make the enterprise novel.  Here’s the schtick: find an empty run down, but relatively safe, warehouse/storefront/gas station/barn/post office and transform the space into a hottest trend in restaurants/gastropubs/wine bars/nostalgic experiences.   […]