Primus Eats the Bad Acid – Nerd Mixtape Reviews The Desaturating Seven

It’s always a wonder when extraordinary talents fail in spite of themselves. Had it been a spectacular failure, there might be a reason to revisit the seven often bland tracks I’d just managed to trudge through. But, Primus’ ninth studio album, The Desaturating Seven, turns out to be a bore.  Considering that Les Claypool, Primus’ eccentric […]

Authors and Cosplay at Long Beach Comic Con 2017

Long Beach Comic Con 2017 included more than a few surprises this year.  Along with enjoying the interactive Space Expo, attendees were able to get up close and meet the professionals that make the nerd universe come alive.  As high profile television and film increasingly dominates the larger conventions, the artistry and hard work behind […]

Here Comes Long Beach Comic Con 2017: This Weekend Sept 2nd and 3rd

Looking for something nerdy to do this weekend but all the toys from Force Friday are already sold out?  Then, come out to Long Beach Comic Con with TT3.  This local comic  and pop culture gathering is a fan favorite for several reasons.  You won’t have to suffer the crushing crowds of San Diego Comic […]

Netflix’s Death Note is Not Death Note – Fan or Not, Skip It

Netflix’s attempt to bring the renowned 1990s manga, Death Note, to life with live actors is a failure on so many levels, it is difficult to know where to begin.  Let’s face it.  It was going to be an uphill battle from the start for director Adam Wingard.  The idea that you could cram a […]

Scooby Nostalgia – Those Meddling Kids are Back for a Book and a Game

There was a magical time a few short decades ago when Saturday morning television reigned supreme.  Long before Cartoon Network and Netflix–with all their fancy convenience–came along and ruined that special time between 7am and Soul Train, where I’d sit, my eyes glued to the 12-inch screen, for Saturday morning cartoons.  And, while Super Friends and […]