Naked Wrestling Versus the Aliens: A Rebuttal

A rebuttal to the TT3 Podcast, episode 24, Naked Wrestling segment: “Are Aliens Visiting Earth?”  Triality Lens is a freelance writer and contributing author to Tiny Table 3

The problem with Stacks’ argument is that it is based on a flawed supposition–that alien travelers would be constrained by the same variables that our human travelers are bound by. While there is little question that extraterrestrial travelers from our own universe would be bound by the same physical laws, there is little basis for comparing their technological advancement to our own. This isn’t simply a problem of parallel development, or technological innovation, IMO, rather it is a problem of foundational language, and its root impact on the evolving structure of an intelligent brain. “ET’s” who possess an entirely novel form of communication and “language” would evolve differently, physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially. The concept of an “alien intelligence” that is far more advanced than we are — along similar technological lines — is a projection of our own linguistic paradigm. It is a mirror of the “US” we fear most in “OURSELVES,” more than it is a realistic image of a species developed under different stars.

Therefore, the argument that they would be hyperintelligent, yet lack empathy or emotion — is a human construct. It is entirely possible that a species which communicates under a hive-mind structure would be BOTH more intelligent or advanced than we are and also — more empathic and / or emotional.

Further — their technology would develop along its own timeline and serve to support their own linguistic/communication needs and forms, not ours. A culture that communicates “telepathically” (for lack of a better word) might never focus development on tools or technology which promotes separateness, competition, personal space or (within their own species) war.

Such a species might organize its civilization so that its individual members lived on top of one another, communicated through pheromones, touch or ESP, and conceptualized their universe as a place of immeasurable “tininess,” closeness and innate conductivity. Their early technology would reflect the desire to build close, reduce travel time or distance between its “parts,” and maintain close (intimate) knowledge or communications with its frontiers/boundaries.  A species like this might possess an entirely different concept of explorer, and their foundational psychosocial and linguistic concept would be one of connectivity, union, and “nearness.” A species structure around the notion of the universe as a “web” of energies and vibrations might eventually evolve something like M or Brane theory and be more capable of understanding its implications due to the structure of their own unique intelligence or form.

Perhaps they construct biological robots to bridge the vast distances between the stars, so that the wait or travel lag while traveling light year distances would be minimized? Or maybe they simply fold space using the gravity wells of massive planets or stars, and navigate via “songs” to ensure they don’t arrive at their new destination inside one?

But why would they come? Everything contained in our planet or system is also available to them, right?  Whether contained within their own star, or planet, in nearby planets, moons or gas giants, as part of an asteroid cluster or belt, or within a nebulae, etc. The idea that they need food or water is laughable, for example, when energy and water are abundant throughout the galaxy in numerous forms.

So if the aliens come by for a visit, they are probably seeking something they don’t have access to elsewhere. Our cultural experiences are potentially worth collecting. Our stories, art, music, film and literature, perhaps? Personal sensory information might also be interesting to such a species, and they might collect these, also. They might be particularly interested in collecting our concept of “love,” especially given our innate separateness.  Love might seem very desirable to such a species as would our concept of loneliness, alone-ness, fear and (individual or inner) happiness.

My best guess? They organize like insects, love sex, communicate telepathically or through a combination of touch, smell, and song, travel space and time to connect the dots already contained within their “web” of influence and/or perception.   They collect stories, art, songs and experiences like we collect $$$.  Basically, they are here for our women and would love to convert us to their wacky space religion of universal oneness with the cosmic O.


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