Star Wars Gifs You Need on Hand for Your Force Awakens Reactions!

We, here at TT3, are proclaiming the *spoiler* embargo lifted!  We are now free to express are glee (or disgust) with the new Star Wars era!  Here to help you are a few gifs collected by our very own Cloud City (aka Geekisin).   All you socials out there, you have been warned!


Tell the world how you feel about The Force Awakens:

Satisfied … Like a good BJ. 


Did you see that?! When they?! Aaaahhhh shhhhhiiittt!!! 


Leaving the theater in full cosplay so no one can see the tears of disappointment.




Success! I’ll cheers to that!



No matter what, you better honor the Jedi code and not spoil it for those few (who are you people, anyway?) who haven’t seen it yet . 


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