AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is deplorable torture porn for people who enjoy bad writing and flagrantly abusive commercial manipulation. The show is the harbinger of a zeitgeist that wants to eliminate the F-word and thinks naked titties on network TV are a bridge too far — but LOVES popped eyeballs and oozing brain matter.

Rick Grimes is not a leader. He hasn’t been a leader in any traditional sense since the end of season 2. I wouldn’t follow him into a grocery store, let alone through a post-apocalyptic world of zombies who never rot, no matter how long the story drags on.

The Walking Dead is not a semi-realistic portrayal of life after the collapse of civilization. It does nothing to examine the collapse of human infrastructure when there are no humans left to maintain it. It completely ignores the wildlife population boom when the apex predator disappears altogether.

TWD is a precise treatise on just how far you can push an audience of geek-starved sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts if you give them just enough fan-service. Every plot point is a marketing strategy to tell as little story as possible while still drawing a crowd at Comic-Con.

I have gone from rooting for the death of Andrew Lincolns’ sheriff Grimes to rooting for the deaths of all the fantastic great characters trapped in this black hole of a story. But “gone” is the operative word, as I haven’t really followed the show since the prison-finale several years back, and only tune in to cover the phenomena for the sociological implications of its beta-masochistic fan base.


There’s no accounting for taste.

What did you think of the season 7 opener?