Nerd Vegas! TT3 Podcast! Listen Now!

This week we’re serving the end of the world by heading to VEGAS!  With our favorite heroes from the nerd universe!  That and Taboo, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Comic Excitement Convention 2017, and advice to stay positive!  LISTEN NOW!

One comment

  1. My geeky Vegas road crew is: a couple of hot gay Stormtroopers. Backstory: they just lost a couple of buddies during a rebel “thing” and the rest of us brought em’ to Vegas to “cheer em’ up.” Finally — Bruce Wayne. He’s got the rep of a Las Vegas supervillain at the bar, the tables and with the valley’s most beautiful women. Even better, he’s all show on the dance floor, so you know he’ll disappear for HOURS at a time because to “bat-up” and fight crime. Finally, you just know he’s writing the whole trip off as a business expense. I’m just saying.


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