John Hurt – Dies at 77

When I was eleven years old, I sat in a darkened movie theater and witnessed one of the most terrifying and iconic film sequences ever captured.  The film was Alien, and it was the legendary belly-buster scene.  John Hurt’s sympathetic and tragic portrayal of Kane stayed with me over the years.  It almost made my child-self lose his lunch–a memorable first, and it only made my passion for sci-fi horror grow.

Like most of us, I loved Hurt in every role he took on, and he was no stranger to nerd culture.  Aside from Alien, he could be found in the Harry Potter films, Dr. Who television series, Indiana Jones, and Hellboy.  It breaks my heart to announce his passing, but his many contributions to film will live on.



Hurt had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015 and had been optimistic about treatment.  He continued to work until very recently.

RIP Sir John Hurt.


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