Things to do in Denver when you’re Drinkin’ — Devil’s Head Distillery – Nerd Navigator

The Colorado River flows down through the mountains and into the gulf of California where it empties into the sea, but there is more than water up in them thar hills and better ways to get your drink on, too.

You will find Devil’s Head Distillery in Englewood, Colorado, just south of downtown Denver on Broadway. Owner Ryan White crafts artisan spirits from grain to bottle in a custom Vendome still. White is passionate about his ingredients and sources the finest and most aromatic botanicals from around the world for his vapor infused gins and aquavit.

Visitors to the tasting room enjoy delicious, original cocktail recipes just a few feet from the still, and White is happy to give a short tour to anyone interested in the noble art of distilling joy from sunlight.

Open Friday and Saturday, from 4-11 pm and Thursdays, from 5-10 pm, Devil’s Head Distillery features live music, retro pinball machines and a fantastic stack of board games. Highly recommended++.

[Photos by Derek Gregory]

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