As recently reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is struggling to find actors to fill the cast for its new Aladdin film.  After several months, director Guy Ritchie and his team have yet to hire key members to play the iconic roles first portrayed in the 1992 animated classic.  However, the troubled progress is unlikely to derail the production completely.  Disney has a massive vault properties it can mine for profits and the nostalgia market is too tempting (and consistently successful) to abandon.

Coming off its successful release of the live-action Beauty and Beast, which garnered a nearly 1.3 billion dollar global boxoffice, Disney would be remiss to not pursue similar adaptations.  The new Aladdin is a safe bet–its original audience is still young enough to be fondly attached to it and they now may have children they can introduce to the classic story.  Grumbling originalists, like myself, can bitch and moan about the pointless exercise of remaking (what we’d consider) a perfect film, but we know damn it will put our butts back in the theater seats and keep Disney “one jump ahead of the bread line, one swing ahead of the sword.”

What you do you guys think of all these “live-action” remakes of the Disney classics?