Long Beach Comic Con 2017 included more than a few surprises this year.  Along with enjoying the interactive Space Expo, attendees were able to get up close and meet the professionals that make the nerd universe come alive.  As high profile television and film increasingly dominates the larger conventions, the artistry and hard work behind the costumes and stories we love too often is hidden in the back corners of ballroom floors.  The true magic of events such as LBCC is that they return to prominence the independent creator, and many of these creators were on hand over this last weekend in Long Beach.


TT3 was pleasantly surprised to find best selling authors, Sheri Fink and (now finance) Derek Taylor Kent, down a busy but mostly uncrowded aisle, promoting both current and upcoming releases. Fink is best known for her “The Little Series” of books, which includes The little Rose and The little Seahorse. Her stories have received critical praise and are richly written, focusing thematically on the development of childhood self-esteem.  Kent, writing under the pen-name Derek the Ghost, has authored several books for his Scary School series.  His latest novel is Kubrick’s Game–an adventure, thriller, and puzzle-mystery under a single cover.  Check out our brief interview below and get a preview of their upcoming literary collaboration, Counting Sea Life, due to release in just a few days.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 9.19.43 PM

LBCC 2017, like most pop culture conventions, are an opportunity for the cosplay community to show off their latest creations.  This year LBCC brought in some of the best designers, fabricators, and artists the medium has to offer, and we were lucky enough to talk to the best of the best.  Both Amber Brite and Nicole Marie Jean, two of the biggest names in cosplay, were on hand and ready to discuss the life of a professional designer and cosplayer.  See both of our interviews with these amazing talents below.

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