Well folks, the jury has deliberated, and a decision has been made: I’ll never be a film critic.  As soon as the critic-reviews for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hit the web and presses, every critic had their conveniently negative and “hoity toity” review ready to rub in our faces.  These are the people who probably would watch an indie film over a blockbuster, or a foreign romance instead of a superhero flick.  On the OTHER hand, I pride myself on being a fan of movies and of comic book films in particular. Am I the greatest judge of quality? Probably not. (I AM the guy who defends the Joel Schumacher Batman films to the death, after all.) But I know how to have a good time when it comes to the movies.  So, from an honest comic book fan and overall lover of superheroes, when it comes to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I strongly urge you to go see it in theaters and appreciate just how spectacularly thrilling and fan-pleasing this film truly is. Ignore the dubious critics and their scathing reviews about a film they probably had zero interest in even devoting nearly 3 hours of their time to.  We, the true fans, should have the final say when it comes to DC’s latest and greatest superhero big screen bash.

Let me point out the reasons why this movie rocks. First off:



Wow…seriously…WOW. Back when Warner Brothers announced the decision to cast Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight, I felt like one of maybe a handful of supporters who loved the decision.  (I am ALSO the guy who will defend Daredevil to the death…but I’m just saying’). Ben’s growth and maturity as an actor and film maker have shown much improvement over the years, and when it became apparent just what kind of Batman he’d be portraying, the decision seemed even more brilliant.  This guy freaking rocks.  I mean seriously, if you try to argue with me that literally any other Batman is cooler than this one, I’ll fight you right now.  From the very first time we see Batman on screen, he is doing stuff we have NEVER seen Batman do, and I loved it.  Wall crawling, beating the s#!* out of people, blowing stuff up, and the only mortal brave enough to stand up to a God among men?  I think I’m in love, guys.  All jokes aside, I was so thoroughly impressed with Ben Affleck as Batman that I am already giddy with excitement for when we get to see Bruce Wayne assemble the Justice League and star in his own future solo films.  Seriously, if you have only one good thing to say about this movie when you walk out, this had better be it.


Wonder Woman

Talk about a scene stealer. Wonder Woman’s role in Batman V Superman will without a doubt bring a few smiles to the audience.  Her impact as both a cunning and deceptive rogue and a phenomenal fighter are such a thrill to catch on screen.  For a character who, quite frankly, has been abused and neglected by her PR and marketing team over at DC/Warner Bros. for some time now, this finally feels like the PERFECT portrayal.  They’re smart in limited Gal Gadot’s acting to the nitty gritty stuff.  I’m anxious to see if her acting scope can be as broad as they need it to be for her upcoming solo movie.  However, her presence and grace on the screen is jaw dropping and impressive, to say the least.  Girls, watch your man because he might be crushing…heck, guys you’d better watch your girls too.


The Easter Eggs

If you try and tell me that my brother and I were the only ones squealing like little girls when Wonder Woman opened those metahuman files, you’re a liar and we’re not friends.  What an awesome teaser and an even more impressive Easter Egg basket than I could have anticipated.  Take Nick Fury’s end scene from Iron Man, but multiply it by like, 50. The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman…and an awesome look at Wonder Woman’s past. As a fan of DC characters and of comics in general, I loved it.  These guys are clearly out there, with their stories, their own origins, and we’ll just have to wait and see how all of that pans out.


“Dat Finale Doe”

Ummmmm, does this one really need defending? The Holy Trinity of DC heroes battling Doomsday for an epic 10-15 minute long fight sequence? How could you not be impressed? And the fact that DC actually had the balls to pull off one of the most precious, depressing, and beloved moments in comic book history is something to mention as well.  All in all, the film leaves you with a firm desire for more story, more answers, and the gratifying feeling of seeing DC’s heroes finally get an (almost) perfect film portrayal together on the same screen.

Are there problems with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Sure. The film critics and your snobby friends will gladly point them out to you.  But I still love them. Yes, Lex Luther is weird and quirky and different than any other film version…but I loved it.  Yes, the film moves a bit slowly at parts due to the insane amount of characters…but I loved it.  And yes, the film took a few liberties with character limits and origins that may or may not have been 100% accurate with the comics…but I loved them.  This movie is not one that is meant to be scrutinized and subjected to ridiculous expectations and film rules.  This is a movie that makes you feel like a kid again.  It makes you appreciate the fun and the fantasy and the spectacle of comics and superheroes.  It makes you feel the bond between superheroes who have graced comics for nearly 100 years.  It is an incredible movie that should bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.  Most importantly: its entertainment, and what is there to complain about there?


Image Credits: Warner Brothers Entertainment