Marvel Announces “Edge of Venomverse” for June 2017

Ever wondered what your favorite Marvel characters would look like with a suped-up symbiote costume? Well, you won’t have to wait very long to see those fantasies come to life in Marvel’s Edge of Venomverse! No details have been revealed yet, but the promotional image that debuted today certainly seems to confirm that we’ll be […]

FIRST LOOK! Aquaman “Flies” Into Action in Justice League

Please don’t pee in the pool, but we have some INCREDIBLE nerd news to excite all of you Aquaman fans! Zack Snyder took to his Vero account today and surprised his fans with a glimpse at their favorite Atlantean in action! The Justice League footage presumably shows the eagerly anticipated Jason Mamoa as Aquaman in […]

La La Land is Possibly the Greatest Film of 2016…or This Decade

Film lovers, music lovers, actors, and writers…please, if you visit the theaters this year, see La La Land. You won’t be disappointed. With awards season just around the corner, Hollywood has finally graced us with its most exceptional works of art, and La La Land serves as the centerpiece in what is sure to be […]