The Zero-List: Top 5 Worst Video Game Deaths


In TT3’s latest Zero-List, Moxie Nova tackles the most tear-producing deaths in video game history.

Many characters become close friends to gamers, and no one wants to see a loved one die.  However, time does take its toll and bears its weight on us all, even the fictional.  It should be noted there are some major spoilers ahead as we dive into our top 5 absolute worst and most unexpected deaths in our favorite games.  Consider yourself warned.


5. Naughty Dog really brought heart-wrenching feelings to everyone during the death of Sarah in The Last of Us.  Joel wasn’t the only teary eyed individual when she was gunned down.



4. We all knew the Joker was sick and dying, but did anyone expect him to actually die?  Even the Clown Prince thought Batman would find a cure during Batman: Arkham City.  So, when he finally met his end, it was quite a shock.




3. It’s a sad thing when anyone passes on from life, but when a dream dies it feels like hope has been ripped from your chest.  Tidus of Final Fantasy X will hopefully rest easy with Auron now.




2. Ken Levine’s story in BioShock Infinite was one of the most talked about of last year. Booker DeWitt’s self-inflicted demise at his own daughter’s request put stomachs in knots.



  1. No other death in video game history carried such a sting as John Marston’s in Red Dead Redemption. In fact, with the DLC Undead Nightmare, he dies twice.  We should have seen it coming as you don’t redeem the living…especially when Rockstar Games is involved.


There you have it. This is our list of the top 5 deaths in video games. Did we miss any of your favorites?  Sound off in the comments about the most shocking or depressing character deaths you’ve encountered, and remember, stay alive out there!

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