2x a charm? Fingers crossed for Locke & Key TV Series!

It was 2011.  I had been in line for SDCC tickets since 4am…tickets for the next SDCC in 2012.  It was getting close to 11am and I needed to see the Locke & Key panel. They were going to show a pilot that was never picked up and would never be released. AAAHHH! My favorite comic book! I couldn’t miss it.  I went so far as to chance missing Comic Con 2012 for a glimpse of a series that would never come to life and left the line. It was…


Joe Hill is a phenomenal writer and Locke & Key, for me, is a masterpiece. The comic book is well developed and well executed from start to finish. Unlike many comic books, there is a succinct arc that ends quicker than you want it to (only because you love it so much), but is done flawlessly.

Yesterday, I saw the announcement on Geek & Sundry that we might be getting the series I always wanted! Well to be honest, in 2011, I really wanted THAT series! I mean, I even got to meet teenage pop star turned (very good) actor, Jesse McCartney because was going to play Tyler Locke.

I didn’t even recognize him at first!


I took a few people to see the panel with me.  The consensus seemed to be that it looks really cool, but I am not sure what is going on…. I guess that is why the pilot was not picked up.

But for fans of the comic book series, it was an amazing pilot, awesome panel, and we wanted more!

Here is the trailer from 2011. I REALLY HOPE THEY FINALLY MAKE THIS SHOW!

Read more from the article, click here.

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