5 Times Marvel Ripped Off DC Comics

Now, we’re all aware of the age old rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics. Their competition has been long discussed and disputed, but one thing stands true: the guys know how to make cool characters. And yet, even the mighty get lazy sometimes. Occasionally, you see something your competitor is doing and think, “Hey, I could do that.” So in an effort to point out those moments, we give you the Top 5 times Marvel ripped off DC.


Hawkeye 1964/Green Arrow 1941

Ok, Marvel, we’ll give you credit for changing the color scheme, and Clint Barton is pretty different personality-wise than Oliver Queen, but that’s the extent of it. Both guys are geniuses with the good old bow and arrow, both use a plethora of arrow types to do their dirty work, and both of them are blonde. C’mon though, Clint. You couldn’t muster up the balls to grow a goatee too?

Deadpool 1991/Deathstroke 1980

Probably the most obvious of our list is Deadpool’s blatant ripoff of Deathstroke. While it might have been “intentional”, we still have some issues with the costume design and weapons of choice. We’ll definitely bow down to Marvel for creating a unique voice and personality for Deadpool, but he just looks like a copycat of Deathstroke. A little more flexibility on Marvel’s part and this might not even be a conversation. Tsk, tsk, Marvel.


Moon Knight 1975/Batman 1939

What do you get when you take Batman, change him from black to white, and give him some Egyptian inspiration? Moon Knight, that’s who. Again, one could argue that the differences between Moon Knight and Batman are enough for them to stand alone, but Moon Knight is a pretty sad attempt. With nearly the same gadgets and fighting styles of Batman, we aren’t willing to budge much on this one. Nice try, Marvel.


Sentry 2000/Superman 1938

Probably the most pathetic attempt on our list is Marvel’s, Sentry, a man who is very clearly just the Marvel alternative to Superman. Give Clark Kent some long blonde locks and you’ve got Sentry. Ok, so maybe the origins are different, we’ll give you that, and maybe the science behind his powers is a little weirder, but Sentry is basically Superman in a yellow suit and we all know it. We ain’t biting, Marvel.


Namor 1939/Aquaman 1941

Wait…Aquaman wasn’t the original “Water Superhero”? Noooooooooooooooo!!! Curse you, Marvel for being cool!

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