All 10 Seasons of Smallville Are Now Available for Streaming…WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING?

When you take a look back at the history of superhero TV, few shows stand out as ground-breakers. However, if you want to look for the basic formula that helped build the success of current shows like The Flash and Arrow, well, look no further than the hit show, Smallville. Smallville, which ran 10 nearly perfect years, was a huge influence on the superhero “young adult drama” vibe that most current shows have adapted. And now after nearly 5 years off the air, you can finally find all 10 seasons of Smallville available for streaming via Hulu. So in honor of this momentous occasion, we’re going to point out the 5 reasons why Smallville is the best superhero TV show ever.


1. That theme though

OK, so Remy Zero never had another hit song, but you can’t resist yelling “Somebody Saaaaaaaaaave Meeeeeeeee”, whenever that theme song kicks in. It perfectly set the tone and captured the spirit of the era.


2. Those cameos though

I mean, when a show about Superman lasts 10 seasons, you’ve got plenty of time to fill it with fun characters. Metallo, Doomsday, the Justice League, and even Zatanna made appearances in the show, to only name a few. Smallville was never afraid to take on a new cameo.


3. Those guest actors though

Many people fail to realize just how many big name actors guest starred or even got their start on Smallville. Lizzy Caplan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Brian Austin Green, Evangeline Lily, Alan Ritchson, Ian Somerhalder, Jane Seymour, Miranda Cosgrove, Amy Adams, Carrie Fisher, and…oh yeah…Dean Cain and Christopher Reeve!


4. Those comic book references though

Smallville took on so many comic book storylines over its run, and always did a fairly good job of making the transition from page to small screen. Of course there are limitations when it comes to TV, and Smallville often put their own spin on certain Superman stories. However, looking back on Superman’s catalog of stories, it’s hard to did one that Smallville didn’t at least attempt to translate.


5. That perfect casting though

Starting with Tom Welling, a.k.a. The quintessential Clark Kent, Smallville nailed every casting detail perfectly. Michael Rosenbaum, to date, is probably the hands down greatest Lex Luthor on TV or the big screen. Erica Durance as Lois Lane was a great decision, and all of the new characters who were introduced throughout the show’s course were absolutely perfect.

Hey, so I may or may not have a delusional opinion about Smallville, but I love this show. I grew up watching it, and it holds a special place in my heart. What do you think? Did Smallville help or hurt the superhero genre? Leave us your comments!

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