The 5 Best Teachers You Ever Had…As Represented By Pop Culture

Happy October 5th, everyone. For most of us, it’s just another random Wednesday. But to a great deal of brave souls out there, it is World Teachers Day. So, in honor of the teachers in our lives and the ones we love from pop culture, here’s our list of the Best Teachers You Ever Had…As Represented By Pop Culture.

1. The One With First-Hand Experience

Everyone appreciates getting a lesson from an expert in the field their class covers. Not only will the lesson have a more grounded approach, but these teachers often have specific life lessons and examples to incorporate into the process. Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter novels is Harry’s favorite professor not just because of his relation to Harry’s father, but rather his first-hand knowledge of the dark arts and dangerous mythical creatures. His lessons are some that linger with Harry throughout the entire book series.

2. The One Where Hard Work Pays Off

Everyone has at least had one professor who drives them to the breaking point, but comes out better because of it. Sometimes you just need somebody to pull the greatness out of you, and that hardly ever comes without a ton of hard work and effort. Mr. Miyagi turned Daniel into a skilled fighter not through easy lessons and workouts, but through deep, grueling challenges and chores. After he completed his training, Daniel was a better young man than he had ever been before.

3. The One Who Made Learning Fun

Who doesn’t love this teacher? You know, the one who had their lesson plans mapped out to a “T” and who always focused on making sure everyone was having fun. Ms. Frizzle may have been a bit bizarre, but she always focused on creating fun learning experiences for her class. Then again, a magic school bus could probably turn anyone into a great teacher.

4. The One Who Let You Be Yourself

Sometimes, you want to be embraced and accepted for who you are in the classroom. We all have different learning styles, different outlooks, and different lives, so when a teacher embraces us and celebrates our individuality, it pays off. Dewey Finn might not have actually been a licensed substitute teacher, but his class learned and grew from his willingness to find and celebrate each student’s strengths.

5. The One Who Never Gave Up

Sometimes, school and lessons are tough. No matter how hard we try, it just doesn’t go our way. However, a great teacher is one who doesn’t give up on their students, no matter the struggle. Mrs. Puff has seen SpongeBob take her driving school lessons time and time again, and while she has definitely had her breaking points, she continues to strive to help him pass his driving test.

There you have it, a list of just a few of the teachers everyone cherished as a child. Who do you think should have made the list? Any teachers (real or fictional) who stood out to you when you were younger? Let us know what you think!

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