The Top 10 Greatest Bald Characters of All Time

Happy “Be Bald and Free” Day, ya nerds! Put away the Rogaine, pack up the toupee, and quit fussing with that comb-over, because today the world comes together to declare, “Bald is beautiful!” All teasing and jokes aside, the goal of the day is to get men (and women) to embrace their baldness and be comfortable in their own skin. The question is: who are the best baldies in pop culture? Don’t worry, we’ve got a list for you.

Lex Luthor


Lex traded in his ginger locks for the much more feared, more respectable bald look, and has been rocking the look for nearly 75 years.

Professor X


Most recently, we saw Charles Xavier lose his hair in a battle with Apocalypse. But whatever story you’re familiar with, you can count on Professor X’s gleaming dome being there.

Asajj Ventress


You know, it has been said that the dark side of the force is really bad for your follicles. Ok, not really, but it seems like quite a few siths have gone with the bald look. Perhaps most iconic is Asajj Ventress, from the Clone Wars.

Walter White


You’re god damn right we included Walter White on our list. If anyone is going to rock the hairless look, it’s good old Mr. White. He IS the one who rocks.

Jean-Luc Picard


Sorry for the minor case of Deja Vu. But how can you forget the iconic Star Trek captain, Jean-Luc Picard, who embraced his bald side and showcased it just as proudly his star fleet uniform.



Did Thanos create his daughter Nebula without hair or did she just have a rebelling phase? Either way, she’s one of the best bald-headed characters in the MCU.

John Locke


Perhaps one of the most iconic characters in the phenomenon known as LOST, John Locke was best known for his two-faces schemes and his hairless head.

Richard B. Riddick


Ok so Vin Diesel has only had hair in maybe 1 or 2 films in his career, but there’s something to be said about a character as badass as Riddick. It speaks true to his character as well, as we highly doubt Riddick would give a damn if you critiqued his bald dome.

Luke Cage


Sweet Christmas…we’re guessing Luke Cage isn’t asking Santa for any hair products any time soon, and we’re totally ok with that.

Dr. Evil


How ’bout you don’t wear that toupee and just go frickin bald, for God’s sake? Did that sound like Dr. Evil?


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