10 Unlikely (But Awesome) Rogue One Cameos We Really Want To See

If you’re like us, then you can’t wait for the release of Rogue One. The first of the standalone Star Wars anthology films, Rogue One promises to fill-in-the-blanks, so to speak, when it comes to setting up one of the greatest sci-fi sagas of all time. The film will uncover the mystery surrounding the rebellion’s successful attempt at stealing the plans to the Death Star, which ultimately led to their victorious upset over the Empire in A New Hope. With the promise of filling in blanks, it also should come as no surprise that we might see one or two familiar faces along the way. Star Wars execs have already confirmed through trailers and press-drops that fans will spy Darth Vader, Mon Mothma, and even Jimmy Smits’ Bail Organa making brief (or even integral) appearances in the film. But the true question on every nerd’s mind is: what OTHER cameos might they throw into the film just to please us? Well, stand back, because we’re about to get your hopes flying with our list of the Top 10 Unlikely (But Awesome) Rogue One Cameos We Really Want to See.

#10. Biggs Darklighter

When we first met Luke Skywalker on the planet of Tattooine, we learned that his best friend Biggs had already enlisted in the rebellion. As Luke continued along his journey, we even got to see him reunite with his old friend, Biggs, sharing stories about their times shooting womp rats back home. How cool would it be to see a young Biggs Darklighter in his early years of the rebellion? If only for just a scene, it would be awesome to see what Luke’s buddy was up to while Luke was still daydreaming in the sand.

#9. Admiral Ackbar

Might we see a young Admiral Ackbar in the early days of the rebellion? While we don’t necessarily meet Ackbar until The Return of the Jedi, we know from The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels that Ackbar has been working for the rebellion for quite some time. Perhaps he’ll even be a lower-ranking military persona? Commodore Ackbar does have a certain ring to it…

#8. Boba Fett (or any other bounty hunters)

Yeah, we’ll lump all the famous bounty hunters into this one. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see Boba Fett or even Bossk give this new group of rebels a run for their money? I’m guessing IG-88 could have some pretty funny droid-on-droid interactions with K-2S0 as well. Sure, we know it’s a stretch, but since our time with the bounty hunters in the original saga was so limited, maybe Lucasfilm will give us a little dose to tide us over until the standalone Boba Fett film.

#7. Lando Calrissian

Yeah, we’ll be the first to admit that this is some pretty wishful thinking. They did just cast Donald Glover as Lando for the standalone Han Solo movie. However, even if an actual acting cameo isn’t possible, at least do some name-dropping or throw in a passing reference.

#6. Han Solo

Again…wishful thinking on our part, but hear us out! There have been several months since the reveal of Alden Ehrenreich as the new actor to play young Han Solo. And sure, they haven’t even come close to beginning the filming process for said project. However, there has been plenty of time to film for Alden to film a quick cameo for Rogue One. The question of tying Han Solo into the Rogue One story is honestly a difficult one. Han does try to keep his nose out of both the Rebellion and Empire’s business, after all. Yet again, just a passing reference or quick walk-on scene would be enough to have us bouncing in our seats.

#5. Grand Admiral Thrawn

This one may or may not surprise you, but given the character’s recent turn of events, we think it might be an incredible opportunity for a cameo. Grand Admiral Thrawn was originally introduced via the Star Wars extended universe novels, and quickly became a fan favorite, and a thorn in Han and Leia’s side. He was able to cling to what remaining Imperial forces there were left over following the events of The Return of the Jedi, and led a ragtag team of Imperial scum across the galaxy. However, when Disney announced that the extended universe would be considered “non-canon”, fans were outraged. But alas, Disney made some amends by introducing Grand Admiral Thrawn to their popular series, Rebels. Seeing as how Rebels takes place slightly before Rogue One, we think it’s all too possible now for a live-action Thrawn to see the big screen, if only as a cameo.

#4. Darth Sidious

Ok, maybe the whole “unlikely” moniker doesn’t really fit with this one. In fact, it’s probably very likely that we’ll get at least some sort of reference or acknowledgement of the Emperor in this Star Wars story. If Darth Vader is set to make an appearance, then surely his sith master will be waiting nearby in the shadows, right? Since no one has confirmed Sidious’ involvement in the Rogue One story, we’re still holding strong that we still might catch a glimpse of him at some point or another.

#3. Princess Leia Organa

With her father Bail Organa already confirmed, and with the film seemingly ending with a direct lead-in to A New Hope, we’re going to assume that Princess Leia will at least be mentioned or referenced in Rogue One. What would really please fans is a glimpse of that classic white dress and hair buns walking up one of the ramps of Tantive IV right before the credits begin to roll. But…that’s just me.

#2. Jar Jar Binks


Yeah, yeah…laugh it up fuzz ball. But hear us out for a minute. How awesome would it be to see Jar Jar Binks, the scapegoat of the despised prequel trilogy, get sent off with a hero’s/coward’s death? Just any death will do. Please!

#1. Mace Windu

As far-fetched as it may be, we can’t be the only ones still holding out hope that Mace Windu survived his fall on Coruscant. As shows like Rebels and the even the extended universe have pointed out, several jedis went into hiding following the rise of the Empire, and even assisted with rebel missions. How incredible would it be to see a one-handed Mace Windu ignite his purple lightsaber one more time? We know we’re praying for a miracle here, but it’s gotta happen!

Well there you have it. Our list of the most unlikely (but awesome) Star Wars cameos in Rogue One. Who do you think should have made the list? Do you agree or disagree with our choices? Let us know in the comments section and feel free to share your Rogue One thoughts with us as we inch closer and closer to that December 16th release date! Stay nerdy, my friends!

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