Ghost Rider Pees Fire So You Don’t Have To

In anticipation for our review of Ghost Rider’s introduction to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, here’s a little video to remind you of the absolute garbage that was his predecessor, Nic Cage.

Yes, this scene was in the second (& yes, they made two) Ghost Rider film. Yes…he peed fire. Looped and set to the most hilarious song choice possible, enjoy Ghost Rider “relieving himself” for five straight minutes of flame throwing glory. Oh, you’re welcome. Shout out to Youtuber “Shats Bassoon” for crafting this hilarious video.

Couldn’t get any worse, right? Stay tuned to Tiny Table 3 and keep checking back on for our review of Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD and more awesome nerd news!


Please note, if you experience a burning sensation while urinating, talk to your physician immediately.


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