5 Things We Want From Red Dead Redemption 2

With the long awaited sequel to Red Dead Redemption officially on its way to your doorstep in approximately one year, we can’t help but speculate and hope for the best. What new additions might we see in the upcoming installment, and how will they improve upon the already near-perfect gameplay system of the original? Well, believe or not, we think there’s plenty of room for improvement. Here’s our list of 5 things we want to see in the next Red Dead Redemption game.


1. Bigger Maps

We’re completely aware of the fact that we sound like spoiled brats when it comes to these requests, but hey, technology has grown exponentially over the past 8 years. Judging by how massive the map for Grand Theft Auto V was, and how the original Red Dead map was impeccably huge itself, we’re thinking it’s safe to assume this next installment will have a jaw-dropping playground in which to live out our cowboy fantasies.


2. More Modes of Travel

Sure, there are only so many options when it comes to travel in the Old West. Rockstar was able to give us the basics with their first attempt at recreating Wild West travel: horses, wagons, and…well, that was about it. However, with the seemingly confirmed addition of water travel, might we see canoes, rafts, steam boats, and sail boats in the mix? How about the all too tempting option to actually conduct a steam train? We know we’re asking for a lot here, but hey, you did this to yourselves, Rockstar.


3. An Even More Responsive Environment

Possibly the most subtly impressive aspect of Red Dead Redemption was its ultra-responsive environment of travelers, thugs, and bandits. The feeling that one moment you might be rescuing a damsel from runway stallion or getting robbed at gunpoint by bank robbers was one of the most immersive parts of the original game, and we think there is room to grow and implement more of these twists and turns.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2 visited at game7.de
4. Better Online Play

While Red Dead Redemption’s attempt at online play helped form the future of their later games, it still had many pitfalls and limitations. It was not allowed a limited number of players per map, and the mini games were often one-sided. Seeing how Grand Theft Auto V has nearly perfected the multi-player aspect that is so appealing to most online players, we’re assuming the future of Red Dead 2 is pretty safe. But you never know.



5. More Wildlife

More bears, elk, bison, moose, foxes, wolves…I mean, that isn’t too much to ask for, right? However, with a new game comes new…game…and fish. How about letting us buy a fishing pole and search for salmon in the mountains, or scoop up trout from our canoe? The options are nearly endless.

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