Superhero Playlist: Supergirl

Welcome back to another edition of Superhero Playlist, the weekly article where we decide what your favorite heroes (and sometimes villains) are jamming out to. Last week, we took on the mighty, vengeful Ghost Rider. This week, we look to take on another new face on the superhero TV scene: the Girl of Steel, Supergirl!

What songs would Kara Zor-El/Danvers have at the top of her playlist? A quick glance at our list and you’ll find a plethora of girl-power songs. Surprised? We think Kara’s youth and her passion for defining her own story, and one different from her famous cousin’s, is more than enough reason to add songs like “Stronger”, “Survivor”, and “Dangerous Woman” to the list. You’ve also got your angst-driven songs on the list, such as “It’s My Life”, “I’m Just a Girl”, and “You Oughta Know”, which would fit with the soap-opera vibe that the CW show has bestowed upon Supergirl over the last two seasons.

In the end, what we have here is a pretty fitting Playlist for one of the most powerful, but also one of the most conflicted young women in comics. What do you think? Any songs that should have made our list? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! And stay tuned for next week when we tackle…


Green Arrow!!!

Leave us your suggestions for the Emerald Archer’s playlist and keep checking back for more awesome playlists and articles from all of us here at Tiny Table 3!

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