Concept Art from Cancelled Darth Maul Video Game! Uncancel! Uncancel!

We don’t know about you guys, but there was one thing we loved about the Star Wars prequels: Darth “freaking” Maul!  Back in 2010, a game was in development to bring to life all the marital art death dealing of our favorite red-faced, horned Sith.  Unfortunately, the project never got too far, and all we are left with are a few images and a brief gameplay video.

Well, thanks to Game Informer, we have a look at the game that never was. Maybe, just maybe, if we can create enough buzz and channel the dark side of the Force, some adventurous studio (*cough* Disney *cough*) could take up the mantel and finish what the Emperor started.

Check out the images below and let us know if you have any favorites!  Don’t forget to read the Game Informer article.




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