5 Things We Just Learned About Wolverine 3

In a move that took most fans by surprise, Hugh Jackman and James Mangold decided to treat fans to a few important reveals in anticipation of their upcoming third Wolverine film. Taking to Twitter, Hugh and James revealed the new poster, title, and even shared a page from the script with fans. So…here’s what we now know.

1. It will be called Logan

Ok, so here’s an obvious one, but it’s a HUGE hint that comic book fans should be excited. Choosing to title the film Logan is more than likely a subtle nod to the futuristic solo Wolverine comics saga, Old Man Logan. Fans have been speculating for years over whether James Mangold and Hugh Jackman would actually bring this classic story to the big screen, and this is our first confirmation.

2. It will costar a young girl (possibly X-23)

Yep, taking a close look at the poster, we see Logan is holding a small child’s hand. We’re assuming it is a girl, and given what little information is available, we’ve seen several other sites confirming this theory. Why are we excited? Well, this tends to confirm that fans are finally going to see a comic-book favorite, X-23. If you haven’t heard of X-23, well, she’s basically a female clone of Wolverine, with two claws on each hand and one on each foot. She’s just as feral, just as skilled, and just as awesome. Hopefully we get some more confirmation by the time the film comes to theaters, but we’re willing to bet that X-23 might be Hugh Jackman’s way of handing off the Wolverine “torch”.

3. Wolverine is still not in the mood to fight

In addition to the awesome poster reveal, James Mangold graciously revealed page 2 of the script for Logan. At the bottom of the script, we get a description of Logan unwillingly getting egged into a fight by some “Bangers” speaking Spanish. Logan, true to the character we know and love, replies, “Guys…seriously…you don’t want to do this,” followed by a “familiar SNIKT”. We’re guessing those “bangers” aren’t going to be surviving through page 3.

4. The fight scenes are going to be LEGIT

Now, as someone who knows a little bit about screenwriting, you NEVER see a precursor like the one in James Mangold’s script. To set up his upcoming fight scene, Mangold pulls the reader aside for a quick “pep talk.” He tells the audience that this is not your typical action film. No fancy choreography, no excessive CGI…just rugged ass-kicking. Now that sounds like a breath of fresh air.

5. It will be a hard R

Here’s something comic book fans have been dreaming of since the 90s…a Wolverine movie that actually crosses the border into R-Rated territory. How do we know? Well, good old Logan dropping the F-bomb and a few over-the-top scene descriptors give us a feeling. Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most violent and gruff characters, and it seems fitting that we’ll be sending Hugh Jackman off in the format he was always meant to be portrayed.

There you have it. Now, trailers, pics, and interviews will reveal more down the line, but only time will tell how Logan pans out. Safe to say, we’re pleased with what we’ve seen so far. We’ll see you in line at the theaters!

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